STASHIT! BOXES Updated January 6,2018

Tithe pics above are of Sold boxes. Available boxes between #407 and #485 listed below unless marked as sold.You can check the descriptions on each to confirm if unsold. I can email you pics in detail and many are posted at,alscomics and books on FACEBOOK,but please email me to make certain.For new and available or custom built boxes email me

Currently the 35 Available numbered boxes are:

#407,#457,485,491,497,531,553,554,558,559,565,567,& 571-574,577,578,579,580,581,582,583,584,586,#587,588,589,590,591,592,593,594,595,596

please scroll down list of boxes for details,and yes,will send or post pics of any available boxes


The Art of Creative Recycling

596 Made / 561 SOLD,traded,gifted / Stolen 1 (MIA)

Making 1 of a kind boxes since May 28th 2013


Made from Damaged,(sometimes water stained,torn,or cover-less,may have had missing centers or pages)  Comics,Magazines,Wrapping Paper,& other Misc. Vintage Paper  taped (@first), now using  Mod Podge to decoupage onto Various sized wood boxes,wine,Jam or file boxes but mostly cigar boxes.I have had most of these damaged comics,magazines,ect. for years not knowing what to do with them but unwilling to recycle or throw them away.Once a book is missing pages or it's cover it is not possible to resale even if it is a very valuable book.

Started on May 28th 2013 this series of Dated, Numbered,Signed Stashit! boxes will continue into other Forms & Mediums recycled or new.

These fine Establishments helped greatly in the encouragement,Production,& selling of this unique product line.Thank You so much for all the assistance,my Stashit boxes could not be made without you!

-Smokes for Less in La Crosse,Wisconsin for all their support and help buying several boxes and kicking me down many free cigar boxes,plus getting the word out about Stashitboxes!

-CIGARS & MORE in San Carlos,Ca -Ronnie the owner in addition to being very supportive offers me bang up deals on quality boxes-(approx.80 boxes) has also traded me many boxes i've made in exchange for more beautiful boxes.

-CIGAR STOP in Seattle -currently selling 2-Stashit! boxes- I Can't Thank the Lovely Nita,no longer there:(- enough for her support & kind assistance when was in Seattle. TY, Sister!

-City Smoke SF for stocking my up w/AAA cigar boxes & buying a few #stashitboxes to add some of that comic first class look.Talk to Majeb boss man in the Know of this well balanced full service smoking establishment.With the dope Rat Fink painted on the facade out front!

-The COMICS DUNGEON in Seattle-Donated 8-comics-TY!

-FREMONT CIGAR in Fremont,Seattle Winner for the Heart of Gold award for 2014 is Little John who works here for Adil & helped greatly with Displaying my boxes for sale & all around good peeps--Fine Folks Indeed!

-Golden Frog Press/Vince Owner/Mngr TY my friend,providing damaged valuable comics & buying,selling #stashitboxes has helped the production line of my quirky 1of a da-kinds to provide the community of comic lovers everywhere.Ck out his New comic:Tales of the Drive thru Bud #1-#4 & Stoner comics soon to be classics.

-the Hemp Center of San Francisco is a home away from home while in town w/chill locals new & old & a great group of helpful staff available to assist your wants.I want to Thank Terumi,Scott,Shane & crew for all your support & kindness.

-Liberty Cigars in San Diego top dog in cigar shops in soCal w/best deals  on quality cigar boxes that i have encountered.
And the largest,most amazing man cave i have ever visited  that wasn't a pot club. Has many rooms,front patio seating,2-big flat sceen tv's,ongoing poker game,w/indeed the largest assortment in cigars anywhere

- Wine World & Spirits in Seattle for kickin' in a few free boxes,TY & 4 the Wine.

STASHIT! Boxes are:

-1 of A Kind

-Each Box Numbered#,Dated,Signed by me-AK-   Allen Kizziah

-#1 Thru  #16 were Tapped with packing tape to Paper boxes & hard paper from Michael's art supplies

-#17-to Current are decoupaged with Mod Podge -a non toxic coating on Wood boxes & mostly Wood Cigar Boxes w/Clasps,also vinyl boxes,large wine crates & more...

-More Pics & stuff@:

FaceBook page -al's comics & books ( not updating this page currently as FB requires payment before they will let any posts be seen)

-Instagram #stashitboxes #allenedgarkizziah

-Ello @tuscarora

-Twitter : Allen Edgar Kizziah @stashitboxes

-Etsy store: stashitboxes-Being there are 59,000 boxes posted here I do not currently have boxes available on this site

-Ebay seller name: alco491-comics/books/collectibles/oddities


-Shipping is usually $7.00 to $10.00 in the USA unless box is extra heavy-please inquire



Please send an email & i'll get back to you ASAP

PAYPAL is located on the @ bottom of this page & NEWS page-scroll down to bottom page to make payment after confirming the box you want is in stock by contacting me via email- or text me @ 415 678-8706 (my cell is not on these days,sorry)

Below is a current listing of Boxes in Stock here, then what is in retail Stores or in my Etsy store-stashitboxes. Below  that is a list of SOLD boxes,i note who bought them & where the boxes now reside whenever possible.

If your box is listed but not your name & City,town or State-can you please send me an email w/pic of box or message w/info? TY!!

~Stashit! Boxes Around the World~

In @ least 31 States/ & Districts in the USA :


New York
North Carolina

North Dakota


South Dakota


Washington D.C./Capitol of the USA

~And in these 16 Wonderful countries: (...and maybe more have gone to other countries)

El Savador-1

USA-all the rest are here in 30 (or more)States

& may be in :




& the Ukraine


Some of the inventory listed below is still available but not yet moved to the SOLD listings

i update what I sell and what I make ASAP so the above date will usually match what boxes you may purchase

but Please confirm by emailing me


#222 is a Dr.KillDare #7 from 1963 TV & Dell comics Photo cover that was cut & incomplete on a My Father wood Cigar box (9X7-1/2X2deep) has a rounded beveled edge,hinged top,w/front clasp to close.
Made 11/10/'14
Sold to Lloyd and Mary in Minneapolis who came out from a very unsupportive "people's market place" called Wedge who gave me the boot from out front of their doors stating that they Own the sidewalk since they have a ATM inside they can and do demand that all beggars,petitioners,and art sellers get off their block.

this is what they call supporting the community. Until the community comes together collectively to change this policy they will continue to keep us undesirables all away. The sad fact is that this is what most of they're customers want.


#257 is a MmmMillie the Model # 8,1969 full cover from Marvel Comics on a large cigar box w/hinged top i put a chain on the inside for added support to the top.
Made 12/1/'14
Sold 7-18-'15 to Sirius inRapid City,SD

#267 is a Comancheros the 1961 movie adaptation from Dell comics #1300 that starred John Wayne -5 pages on a Padrone all wood cigar box w/hinged top.
Made 12/6/'14
Sold to Bruce in SF who lives in Sausalito on his Boat as well as Palo Alto TY !

#276 is the Story of the Star Spangled Banner box 1 of 2 boxes from True comics on a cigar box w/chained top for added support. (pic on left)
Made 12/10/'14
Sold 5-20-'15 to Nick in SF who has bought 3 all total

#300 is a Marvel Super Action #2,1977 Starring Captain America reprinting issue #101 Lee & Kirby full cover & all pages except 2 from 1967 all inside & out on a large Marianna Wine pine wood case (13X11-1/2X8deep) 2011 Pozzan Reserve,Napa Valley w/slide off top.
Made Jan.2015
Sold  5-18-'15 to Manny in SF -should have some boxes with this Artist's Work & can't wait -These Will ROCK!

#343 is a Ad combo with "How's your E-Q?"Public service page on top,1957 AMF Roadmaster bike ad on back,Foom,Palisades,& more inside
Made 3-31-'15
Sold to Sean in Viroqua,Wi who is a exceptional musician a DJ,and all all around cool cat who bought this box while visiting Driftless books and music

#350 is mAd #39,1958 with Wally Wood,Don Martin,Woodbridge,Berg & more with many features from this issue on a Midleton Irish Whiskey box (please watch the video @ alscomics&books on facebook) includes a 10 page HC booklet pirated into a mAd stamp book also from this issue has a magnetic closure top and magnetic bottle holder inside that can pull out along w/circular tray that could hold a bottle which is detailed w/crap player tips,& gags.outside box has 4-typewriter key boards completely detailed & raised,wrapped around box. 2-days spent working on this large heavy over 12'X5X5 Solid Treasure Art box
Includes Rolex box with Wally Wood in Party Game #3 Chaos outside & back cover portions inside this #350A
Much Thanks to my Buddy Russell in SF for contributing this copy
Made 4-10-'15
SOLD  5-20-'15
to Jeff in SF who also has box #307
Thank You very much Sir,for your support & consideration & for seeing the work i put into this one which is also the highest priced box in the past two years that i've sold making stashitboxes.

#352 is a large Bongs Away! top loader oblong box w/hinged top & front loop clasp to close.has a combination of various graphics from comics & High times photos from #5 1976. Good for holding glass items safely 13 deep X5X5.
Made 4-15-'15 and Gifted  to Raven in Rapid City,South Dakota for helping me get back on the Road!

gifted to Lightning Raven for helping me out of a slight hic up on the road from the Rainbow Gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota,TY!

#359 is a Fantastic Four #25 box 3 of 3 on a Onyx small square cigar box w-hinged top double front clasps with the conclusion to this classic.
The Hulk & Thing slug it out.
Made  4-21-'15
Sold   5-24-'15  to Maura & Kristian another ex-al's comics customer TY! in SF

#363 is a Super Goof full cover & most of the story on a small Best seller cigar box w/hinged top,front clasp & chain added inside to top.
Made 4-24-'15
Sold to Joshua in Minneapolis

#365 is mAd #91,1964( Pink)-"Last Issue" full cover & Al Jaffee Safer Smoking smart & funny in black & white on a large square 8x6-1/2x3-1/4deep cigar box w/added chain inside to top.
Thank You Russell My pal in SF for this well loved now recycled into view copy!
Made 4-26-'15
Sold  5-23-'15 to DJ in Berkeley

#366 is a Jughead #175,1969 w/2-short stories on a large square nat Cicco Cuban Legends /Toro,Nicaragua Cigar box w/chain inside top to side.
Made 4-26-'15

#368 is a Action Comics #421,1975 full cover & partial story w/Superman on a large square cigar box w/chained cuff link to pull open & chain added inside to add support to top.
Made 4-30-'15

#372 is a Felix the Cat  with Tee Vee serial cover & inside "Bull Dozed" story with 4-inside panels that pull out for more art & story on a all wood my Father Cigar box 9x6x2deep
Made 5-5-'15
Sold   5-20-'15 to Nick in SF who bought two other boxes as well. TY!

#374 is Captain America & the Falcon head to head w/the Red Skull from #213,1977 full cover & partial story on a Cohiba Nicaragua solid all wood,front rounded, cigar box w/false bottom pull out that's hiding more art & story.
Sold to Tyrone in SF,TY sir!

#376 is from Famous Monsters w/black & white Horror pics The Devil's Bride,Voodoo,some Harryhausen,Dracula,Jack Davis Frankenstein Ad on side of blood red plastic rounded side holders,plus chain added inside top.9x6-1/2x3-1/2deep
Made 5-10-'15
Sold to Elizabeth living in SF & is super sweet & takes the stashitbox box Beauty Queen Crown award for 2015
TY Hugs !!!!!

#377 is a Monte Hale western #47,1950 "Earthquake City" & some smoking Gabby Hayes panels on a Monte/Monte Cristo modern classic cigar box w/pull out flap inside front that flips forward ,hinged top & black felt material bottom.
Made 5-11-'15
Given to my brother Dan in SF who loves a good Western & is the second biggest comic fan in the Family.

#378 is a Fantastic Four #26 (box 2) reprint w/Avengers,Hulk on a Upman square cigar box w/chain inside top for added support.
Made 5-12-'15
Sold in SF to another ex al's comics customer who lives in Marin but wants & may move back to S.F.
TY so much!

#379 Legion of Super Heroes #203,1974 w/Superboy in "Remote control massacre" on a Romeo Y Julieta/Reserva Real cigar box (7-1/2X7-1/2X3deep) & has chain added inside for top support.
Made 5-16-'15
Sold 5-24-'15 to Daniele in SF

#380 is a Where Monsters Dwell #22,1977 "I Found the Girl in the Blue Glass Bottle!" reprint from 1960 Marvel Comics on a Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close.
Made 5-18-'15
Sold 5-20-'15 to Claire in SF who will gift this to her friends Veronica & Nate in the South Bay,

#381 is a Little Archie in Animal land #17,1957 "Animal Ark" & Animals in Action plus a Possum story inside a small 6X5X4deep Galileo Lung Filler cigar box w/4 pull out side panels inside.
Sold to Sandra in SF who will take this box to El Salvador soon

#382 is a Combo/Random/Panelness in color & b/w cutouts in Graphic Gauntlet Goldberg Grandness every image somehow effected & effecting by & to everything else...Somehow? on a Jose Cuervo Tequilla tokillya big 12X4-3/4X4-1/2deep solid pre-color-designed box in blue.white,black,red lines & red spots pattern w/slide off top.
Made 5-22-'15
Sold in Rapid City,South Dakota

#383 is a Young Hawk story"A Friend Indeed" from a Lone Ranger #46 coverless copy on a Hoyo de Excalibur wood cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close.
Made 5-23-'15 sold to Ricky from Mn

#384 is a Thor #238,1975 (box 2) "Night of the troll" on a Romeo Y Julieta square ciger box w/chain inside to add support to top.
Sold to Callie who will gift this box to her Brother Fubbs in SF
Made 5-24-'15

#385 is a Captain America #180,,1974 "The coming of the Nomad" full cover & pgs in/on a Hoyo de Monterrey  Excalibur wood cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close.
Made 5-24-'15 Sold 6/18-'15 to Brenten in S.Dakota

#386 is a Tales of the Unexpected #22,1958 "Water was my Enemy" on a medium sized square cigar box w/chain added inside to top.
Made 5-26-'15 and sold on 8/13/'15 to Alisha from the San Francisco Bay area who bought three boxes from me in Minneapolis and is super sweet,Thank you very much!

#387 is another tales of the Unexpected #22,1958 "The Man from Robot Island" on a small Arturo Fuente square wood cigar box w-4 inside panels that pull out for more art/story w/hinged top & front clasp to close.
Sold in Denver,Co

#388 is a Story from True Comics,1946 "Buried Treasure" on a small wood cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close.
Sold 6/18/'15 to Quentin in S.Dakota

#389 is a Western Comics Monte Hale story on a cigar box w/chain added inside to top.
Sold in Denver

#390 is a HellBoy story from the 2014 sampler "The Ghoul" on a Cohiba wood painted black cigar box w/hinged top,Front clasp & i added a black chain inside to top.
Made 6-6-'15
Sold to Omar in Minneapolis

#391 sold

#392 is a Fantastic Four#88 on a large cigar box 1of 3 from this classic Lee&Kirby cover less copy made and sold in Rapid City,SD to my pal Sirius who also bought 2 other boxes

#393 is a Fantastic Four #88 box 2of 3 from this issue on a all wood cigar box
sold in art alley in Rapid City,SD to Sophia who lives in Mississippi,the 27th Stashitbox state,TY!

#394 is a Fantastic Four #88 box 3 of 3 from this issue with the Moleman on a small flat wood cigar box w/pinned top.

#395 is a Superman #229,1971 "Ex-Superman" on a Arturo Fuente square cigar box w/added chain inside.
I made this for Steve who asked me to made this for his daughter,Ashley in Rapid City,S.D.
Sold 6/18/'15

#396 is a Supergirl on a large flat cigar box w/chain added inside.sold to Sirius in Rapid city who will gift this to his daughter Nevaeh.
made 6/17'15 Sold

#397 is a Superman#229,1971 "Clark Kent Assassin" on a Macanudo cigar box w/added chain & sold on the same day it was made to Margo who will gift this to her pop in Rapid City,South Dakota
made 6/18/'15 sold

#398 is a Mr. natural,Cave Wimp,Doonesbury,Dilbert on a small vintage cigar box w/chain added to support the top and made on request for my pal Mike13in Rapid City, South Dakota.

#399 is a Archie and me#79 full cover on a all wood medium sized cigar box w/Ads
Sold @ the Caffetto 8th Annual Arts & Craft fair to Dara who will gift this to a friend.

#400 is a special quality box with a full cover and back cover from this vintage mAd issue #109 from 1967 w/magnetic top closure and many features inside and out. when I reach these exceptional numbered boxes I like to put together a box I will be proud of and this is just such a box. Please see my Facebook page for pics or email me and I will send you photos.$150.00 Finished on July 17,2015 in Rapid City,South Dakota
SOLD January 27,2016 to Guy in Viroqua,Wisconsin

#401 is a Hulk cigar box made on request for Kaylene in Rapid City,South Dakota

#402 is another Hulkness on a cigar box made for the eXtraordinary sweet Kaylene-Art Alley ROCKszzz the Thursday Into art gear!

#403 is a Donald -not trump-Duck and the Gilded Man story made on request #246,1980 from Gladestone on a Romeo Y Julieta all wood screw hinged top cigar box for Laura in San Francisco who is gifting this to her husband.

#404 is a Spy Vs. Spy from mAd mags. On a large Arturo Fuente flat cigar box w/added  black chain to support top made on request for my pal Steve in Rapid City,S.Dakota

#405 is a Beatles! Box w/pics from various 1980s mags. Givin to me by Dennis a buddy who owns the Wicked salon in downtown Rapid City & who helped me out so much!! Giving me written permission to sell in back of his shop in art alley and having great conversations with him was a very rewarding experience.
sold to sweet Trish in Sioux Falls,SD who will take this box home to Plattsmouth,Omaha-now the 28th #Stashitboxes state!

#406 is from an unknown issue of Superman that had no cover,was incomplete & without credits I put on a small cigar  all wood box ( 6-1/2x6-1/2x2-1/2deep)with a slide off top.Includes panels w/Bizarro,Mr. Mxyzptlk,Lex L.,Krypton,Lois L. & Superman
Sold in Minneapolis to Lisa

#407 is a Western comics  #77,1949 Tom Mix "Blackmail"story on a 1960s Pepsi Cola wood bottle rack that all the maarkings have faded off from w/rusty metal side strips but a sturdy tray for many uses.bottom has wood slats w/spaces I between. 35 panels an almost complete story on open top tray style ( 18x 12x 4-1/2 ) large! still available as of 5-23-'17

#408 is a Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #40 "the Lana Lang of 500BC" on a Vegafina/Fortaleza eza2 small cigar box 8x5-1/2x2deep from the Dominican Republic w/added chain inside for support to the top.Made in the hills of Rapid City on my friends Judy&Mike's property while I was camping out there after the Rainbow Gathering.
Sold in Sioux Falls,SD to a sweet gal Becca TY!

#409 is a Thor #183,1970 box 2 from this issue with Doom on a small square Montecristo Platinum series cigar box I added a chain inside to support the top.
Sold to Jason in Minneapolis who was visiting from Chicago

#410 is a Hot Wheels #6,1971 in "Superchick" story on a yellow Montecristo Classic square cigar box w/added chain to top for support. Sold in SF,Ca

#411 is a Draggin' wheels &Hot Rods issue from a 1970s Charlton comics on a small wood cigar box w/slide off top
sold in Rapid City to Stephan from L.A. While he was visiting for work.

#412 is a Worlds Finest #212,1972 with Superman & the Martian Manhunter "...and so my world begins" story and full cover on a cigar box w/added chain to support top.
Sold to Stephan who took this,his second box ,back home to L.A. With him,TY!

#413 is a Henry comic of an unknown issue w/ chain inside and bike add on bottom SOLD in Minneapolis to 3 Lovely Ladies from the  Middle East but who would not give me more details than that. I believe they felt it more comfortable to not say where exactly. I am sure the 3 boxes they bought have found a wonderful home. TY so much, no one else in the whole city that day would  hardly see me.

#414 is a Captain America #207,1977 full cover on  large cigar box (1of 4 used for this )Kirby classic!
Sold to Michael Lee in Minneapolis who could or would only pay me 30.00 & not the 40.00 I was asking. This was sold for a lower price so I could Eat on this one of many slow days in Minnesota.

#415 is Cap. A.#207 box 2 of 4 On a medium light cigar box with chain inside and SOLD to Byron in Minneapolis and he will send it to his Pop in Maryland. TY Sir!...& the Wife!

#416 is Cap.A. #207 box 3 of 4 on a small black & silver wood cigar box w/slide off top
Sold to Gisela who I'll take this Home to Germany! She bought this from me in downtown Minneapolis while I was selling on the sidewalk.

#417 is Cap A. #207 box 4 of 4 Sold to Kimberlee in Minneapolis who I met at Caffetto Art fair and will gift this box to her stepson Elijah

#418 is a Magneto #14,2014 on a Romeo Y Julieta square cigar box made on request for Wyatt in Minneapolis who provided the comic used. Of course I used a Metal chain inside for added support
Sold to Wyatt,Thank You Sir!

#419 is a Adventure Comics#307,1963 on a La Gloria Cubana SerieR Esteli all wood cigar box w/ pullback & off top which is a pyramid shape box.
Gifted to Driftless Books and Music in Viroqua,Wi

#420 is a High Times 2001 issue 314 on a Partagas cigar box w/clear plastic slide off to w/magnetic closure.Includes pics of usual contents from HT,plus Bluntman & Chronic,Paul & Linda,and many 420 pleasing graphics.
SOLD at the 40th annual Big River Folk Festival in La Crosse,Wi

#421 is a Aquaman secret origins reprint from the 1940s on a small wood cigar box w/front clasp,hinged top and I added a gold chain inside for top support.
Sold at Deaf Ear music comics and smoke shop in La Crosse,Wi

#422 is a Amazing Spiderman from 2007 free comic day give away issue on a large cigar box with chain inside.Made on 8/9/'15 and Sold 8/13'15 to Alisha 1 of 3 boxes she bought to bring home to San Fran.

#423 is a Batman#445,1990 full cover on a square cigar box w/added chain inside for top support -made on 8-9-'15 & sold on the same day @ the 8th annual Caffetto Arts craft fair in Minneapolis to Nancy who gifted this to her Brother  Mack,in Golden Valley, Minneasota

#424 is a Unexpected #160,1974 "The Riddle of the Glass Bubble" with art by Mort Meskin w/ads on a Romeo Y Julieta cigar box w/added chain for top support -made on 8-10-'15 & sold to Alisha in Minneapolis who took this & 2 other boxes back home to the San Francisco Bay area

#425 is a Little Dot # 163,1976 "Dotty about Sports" plus unicef ad & other Harvey ads,chain included finished on 8/10/'15 and SOLD on 8/20/'15 but not certain where this box went to,maybe in the USA or not the 3 ladies who bought them were not willing to say for whatever reason.

#426 is from Charlton Comics Secret Romance #12,1971"My Heart Betrayed Me" Art & story by Nichojas Alascia plus Ads on a Romeo Julieta cigar box w/added inside chain to top & added detailing with mod Podge 6X7-1/2X2-1/2deep finished on 8/12/'15

#427 is a Batman #452,1990 "Dark Knight Dark City'" full Mignola cv. Milligan,Dwyer,Janke on a Montecristo cigar box w/chain inside finished 8/13'15 Sold

#428 is a Batman #447,1990 Batman in Russia on a large Cazadores cigar box w/added chain inside made for and SOLD to Chris of Clown Glass in Minneapolis

#429 is a Flash #229, on a small wood cigar box w/slide off top,many details,cutting to fit and raised lettering to make this box. Sold to John in Minneapolis

#430 is an Amazing Spiderman from free comic day 2007,box 2, on a medium sized cigar box w/ chain added inside for top support.  sold to Margo in Minneapolis,who will take this home to Phoenix,Arizona

#431 is a Marvel Two in One #20,1974 full cover with the Thing and the Liberty Legion story on a small solid cigar box w/screw hinged top,thick sides and top that has magnetic closure


#432 is a Captain America & the Falcon,1975 very large Marco V Domprive 13X6-1/2X2deep wood cigar box w/slide off top
Sold in August 2016 to Lane in North Carolina

#433 Dennis the Menis #114 on a small cigar box with chain added inside. Sold to Bradley in La crosse, Wisconsin at the Woodstock revisited concert.

#434 is box 2 from Captain America #185,1974 on a medium sized cigar box with chain inside top

Sold to John in Wisconsin

#435 is a Green Lantern reprint from Flash #229,1974 "Half a Green Lantern is better than none" by Broome,Gil Kane andSid Green on a large Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente with chain added to top inside.

Sold while in Boston during east coast road trip to John who lives in Maryland

#436 Is a Dudley Do Right #4,1971 in "That's Show Biz" on a small La Flor Dominicana LFD,Oro cigar box with a pinned top

SOLD to Dorothy and Bill in La Cross,Wisconsin

#437 Is a Beatles box with many pictures from various years made on request on a medium sized cigar box with chain inside and SOLD to lovely Julia who works at the Hookha shop in La Cross,Wisconsin

#438 is a Katy Keene from Archie's Laugh comics 1952 and Ads unknown number on a Arturo Fuente large cigar box with extra mod podge to graphics and  added chain inside and outside chain for handles.
Sold & in Sausalito,Ca

#439 Is a Rock and Roll music box with many bands,David Bowie on top,Tom Petty,Blondie,the B-52s,Bob Marley and more on a Gloria Cubana Esteli pyramid shaped all wood cigar box with a pull of top.

Sold to Mick in Wisconsin,one week before Bowie RIP died.

#440 Is a Little Audrey #18,1967 full cover and short stories on a all wood solid game box with slide off top plus a Batman ad from this Harvey comic.

Sold to Jeff at Driftless books and music in Wisconsin

#441 is from Fantastic Four Annual reprinting this story from #6 on a medium sized al wood cigar box. Sold to Sarah in Viroqua who gifted this to her son who is in L.A. ,Ca

#442 Is a Captain Marvel from Shazzam in "C.M.Batles the Pie plot" & "C.M. Fights the weird Waterman" 2- short stories on a medium sized all wood Padron #35 cigar box with inside chain added.

Sold on consignment in Deaf ear records,comics and smoke store in La Crose,Wi.

#443 The Joker #6,1976 from DC comics on a cigar box with added chain inside for top support.

#444 is a Giant Sized  Avengers #4 Marvel comics which had a torn off loose cover on a large cigar box with chain inside for added for support.

Sold to Jay in North Dakota the 29th Stashitbox state!

#445 Action Comics #466,1976 Superman in "You can take the Man out of the super but you can't take the super out of the boy" on a Montecristo platinum cigar box with chain added inside to top,a cover less copy from Driftless books and music in Viroqua,Wi.
Sold to my pal Josh in SF one of three he bought to give away for Christmas 2015

#446 Action comics #466,1976 box 2 from this comic on a blue Helix cigar box with chain inside to top

Sold to Mike in Viroqua,Wi

#447 is a Buzzy and Ads on a small cigar box with chain added inside.
Made 9-19-'15

Sold @ the Main Street station in Viroqua,Wisconsin in April,2016 to Frank who brought the Buzzy box to Minneapolis,Minnesota TY,Sir

#448 Is a Tomahawk,#19,1953 on a large all wood cigar box with hinged top and inside chain added for top support Traded to Russell in Viroqua,Wi, for several cool  boxes and a super large trunk used for box #450 and a spare tire for my van

#449 Is a Calvin and Hobbes story from Essential C&H's collection that had all the pages loose from spine and given to me from Driftless books in Viroqua,Wi. On a large all wood cigar box with pinned top.  Sold to Bradley in La Crosse,Wisconsin and made on request,his 3rd box

#450 is a  very Large Trunk with rope handles, a thick chain inside for top support, and has many pictures from 5 different High times issues 1997-2001 various covers and pages inside and outside. Top has a cover with Ken Kesey's Bus, Kevin Smith ,Pot around the World feature plus lots of 420 photos including "how to roll a spliff",price quotes,Grateful Dead concert Ad, under thick layers of mod podge. SOLD to Russell in Wisconsin

#451 is a "Pearl" short  story from Millie the Model #84,1958 on a small cigar box. Sold to Bradley from La Cross,Wisconsin

#452 Is from Chamber of Chills # 13,1974 "Traped by the Little Men" a complete 3 page story on a small vinyl box with a snap shut magnet top made on 9/23/'15 and sold at Driftless books and music in Viroqua,Wi

#453 is a Chamber of Chils #13,1974 "Honest Abe" a short 3 page story on a Rey Del Mundo,Rothschildes cigar box with chain added inside to top. Made 9/23/'15

Sold in December to Anne in Viroqua,Wi who bought 3 boxes to gift for Christmas,Thank You!

#454 is a Millie the Model #84,1958 tattered,torn cover,and partial stories in/on a large two piece plastic Heart shaped box with pull off tops. Stan Lee story with Dan DeCarlo Art from Marvel comics.
Sold to my pal Jim in Viroqua,Wi

#455 is a Spooky Spoktown #64,1976 Full water stained cover & a few panels on a small Korean Ginseng tea bamboo box with left off top. Made on 9-25-'15

Sold in Viroqua, Wisconsin at Driftless Books and Music to a Young Lady in town

#456 Batman and Sgt. Rock from Brave and Bold #124,1976 in "Smal war of the Super Rifles" story by Bob Haney Art by Jim Aparo from a coverless copy on a Don Thomas Cameroon collection Honduras cigar box 1 of 2 (7-3/4x6x3deep) 
Made 9-27-'16

Sold @ the Main Street Station Public Market in Viroqua,Wisconsin in April,2016 to Chance who gave this box a Happy Home in New York,Thank You very much!

#457 Batman & Sgt.Rock from Brave and Bold #124,1976 box 2 of 2 on a Macanudo,Crystal cafe cigar box from the DominicanRepublic with chain added inside for top support. $40 AVAILABLE

#458 is an all comic book advertisements cigar box with the Six Million Dollar Man,Spider-Man Hostess pies,Sea Monkeys,and more on a Flavors Moontrance Dominican Republic paper composit split top 2 sided open at top and medium sized 7x5x3-1/4 deep. Made 10/2/'15 and Sold to Anne in Viroqua in December with two other boxes she gave as presents during the Holidays

#459 is from Hulk #192,1975 "the Lurker beneath Lock Fear " story by Len Wein Art by Herb Trimpe and Joe Staton on a solid wood box not a cigar box that has hinges 4-1/2x8-1/2x2 deep. Sold to Dylan in Viroqua,Wisconsin,thank you Bro-man!

#460 Ghost Rider on a large all wood box with thick chain inside to support top. Sold in SF,Ca to Conner who gifted this to AJ his Brother.

#461 is a Giant Sized Avengers #4 box 2 is on a book/ mag holder ,all wood ,open top continuing story from box444

#462 is from Star Wars #44 The Empire Strikes Back on a cigar box with chain to the inside top.

Sold to Ben in La Crosse,Joe from smokes for less picked it up for him

#463 is from Hillbilly Comics#1,Charlton comics 1958 very damaged torn off cover and most of one story given a new life on and in a all wood cigar box. Inside side walls pull out and have more Art and story on both sides
Sold in Viroqua,Wi ,to Joe,TY my friend!

#464 is from Nancy #155,1958 on a small Montecristo cigar box with chain added to inside top.  Sold to Josh in SF

#465 is from Wonder Woman #223,1976 partial story on a Vegafina 8x8x2 cigar box with chain added inside to top and sold to my pal Josh in SF who gifted this for Christmas 2015

#466 Walt Disney's Donald Duck a Christmas Story on a cigar box with chain inside for added support to top. Made on 12/24/'15 and sold in San Diego

#467 is from Star Wars #6,1978 box 1 of two boxes nearly completing the story on a tattered reprint with loose cover on a large book holder that folds open. Sold to Steve in Wisconsin

#468 is from Star Wars #6,1978 box 2 of two boxes nearly completing this Marvel classic Space opera yarn,on a small cigar box with chain added inside for top support concluding the story started on box 467. Sold to Jen & Mike in Omro,Wi while selling at La Crosse,Great River Folk Fest '16 Aug.27

#469 is my first hand colored Art in this series of oneofakind boxes! And is from Weirdo#17,1986 a 1993 reprinted edition published by Last Gasp of San Francisco. The 8 page complete black and white story entitled "The Religous Experiences of Philip K. Dick with Art and story by Robert Crumb that I have colored with markers and crayon then made copies and cut to fit on two boxes,one inside the other. All wood large box with chain inside for top support completing the story in a tiny all wood cigar box with slide off top and slit hole on top shaped like a cigar.This first box set I will keep.I have Stashitbox #1 inside this ,the only other box I've decided to keep for my own.

#470 is Tiny in "The Magic Sneakers" from Playful little Audrey 1960s Harvey comics unknown number on a square Montecristo cigar box with detailed logo to top.
Made on 1/27/'16 Sold

#471 is from Weirdo#17,1986 "The Religous Experiences of Philip K.Dick" by Robert Crumb an 8 page black and white story I colored in and applied to 2 Macanudo cigar boxes,both with chain inside to tops. This is the larger box 1 of 2 and sold as a set for the complete story.( 8x8-1/2)
Made 1/29/'16

Sold @ the Main Street Station Public Market in Viroqua,Wisconsin in April 2016 to Jonathan from Brooklyn, New York

#472 is from Weirdo #17,1986 PKD box 2of 2 boxes completing this 8 page story on a smaller sized Macanudo cigar box 7x5 with a chain inside for top support.
Made 1/29/'16. Sold in April 2016 @ the Main Street Station Public Market Viroqua,Wisconsin

#473 is from Giant sized Avengers #4 a back up story reprinted from Amazing Adventures #1,Black Widow in Her 1st solo story on 2 cigar boxes. To complete this story I made color copies of 3 pages so no panel is left behind,literally.This one is on a thick board composite with a two sided top that opens up with the splash page detailed graphics with extra mod podge on this first of two boxes.  SOLD to Jerry in Wisconsin

#474 is box 2 of 2 cigar boxes with the Black Widow from her first solo story. This box larger than I made color copies of the other side of comic pages so as to have all contents on these two boxes. Sold

#475 is from Weirdo #17,1986 box 1 of two boxes to complete the story and the 3rd set produced from this R.Crumb Philip K. Dick 8 page black and white story published by Last Gasp which I have colored in, made copies of,cut to fit on two cigar boxes. I have kept the first set for myself,will send the second set to my pals at Last Gasp. This is the set available and will sell as a set only. Gifted to Jon my Pal at Last Gasp publishers of San Francisco

#476 is box 2 of 2 boxes from Weirdo #17,1986 and the 3rd set produced onto cigar boxes. This 8 page,Robert Crumb story originally printed in black and white by Last Gasp of San Francisco I colored and made copies of will be sold as a set only. Gifted to my pal Jon in S.F.

#477 is from Conan #95,1979 "The Return of Amra" on a large Arturo Feunte Chateau Fuente 10x9-1/2 cigar box with the splash page and about 1/3 of this Marvel Comics story,and as usual cut and placed to read. Includes a chain inside to support the top. Sold

#478 is an all Comic book Ads combo collection on a large Arturo Fuente Chateu Fuente cigar box 10 X 9-1/2 covered inside and out with various ads Stan "the man" Musial baseball great of the 1950s St.Louis Cardinals Weaties breakfast of Champions full page on the top surrounded by a variety of smaller music & novelty ads,Baby Ruth candy bar and more on the bottom, a Aurora A/FX car racing ad on inside top,plus Batman & Robin "Corsair of Crime" full page Hostess Fruit pies comic story ad all surrounded by many smaller ads with a chain added inside for top support. Sold

#479 is from a cover-less copy of Bughouse #4 Sept/Oct. 1954 "The Inner Cell-FFF" published by Ajax-Farrell  a 7 page complete story on two boxes. This continues onto Box 480. A wacky Humor yarn,this has the splash page and 3 more pgs in sequence on a Flavors/ Moontrance hard paper board composit cigar box with 2 sided open at top split top medium sized ( 7x5x3-1/4)deep plus some ads. Both Bughouse boxes belong to Andrew Goldfarb!,TY my Friend

#480 is box 2 from this cover-less copy of Bughouse #4,1954 "The Inner Cell-FFF" completing the story with 3 pages plus some ads on a light weight H.Clay Mint especial, which held 24 tins.( 7-1/2x6-1/2x2deep) sold

#481 is box 1 of Adventure Comics #290,1961 with Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes in "Secret of the Seventh Superhero"on a Montecristo Classic Series cigar box with the full tattered water stained cover on the outside,and more,splash page inside top,pages in sequence and a few ads,plus a chain inside for top support. Sold

#482 is box 2 from Adventure Comics #290,1961 continuing this Superboy & Legion of the Super Heros story with 4 pages plus ads on a PMMorrison light weight cigar box (5 1/2 X 8 1/2 X 2 1/2) Sold to a 3 year old for her super hero Birthday in Wisconsin.

#483 is box 2 from Conan #95,1975 continuing the story from box477 on a open top book/ magazine shelf box in  black plastic with a few panels inside and wraps around the outside with a few ads sliced in. Made 2/20/2016 Sold June 8th to John in Wisconsin

#484 is box 2 (box 1 is Stashitbox #346) from Thor #251,1976 continuing the story with several pages plus some ads on a Gloria Cubana/Gloria's en Crystal all wood  cigar box ( 8x9-1/2x1-1/2deep ) with front clasp to lock close and inside chain for top support. Sold in SF,Ca

#485 is a Mad magazine #231,1982 with full cover of Academy Awards on a large ( 8X9-1/2x5deep ) solid  Midleton Irish Whiskey high quality top hinged box with magnetic closure,pull out bottle holder,inside 12 page booklet with Dave Berg's "The Lighter Side of...feature fitting on these pirated pages that originally explained the history of this over $300.00 dollar retail priced premium quality booze that is placed in holder strapped to inside top. Extra mod podge detailing the alfred e. Newman as the Oscar trophy on front top of box. Many other gags,and the usual gang of idiots outside and inside.  $150.00       Available

#486 is a Looney Tunes full cover & short story on a  solid cigar box with chain inside for top support.  SOLD to Peter in Connecticut now the 30th Stashitbox state! Thank You Peter!

#487 is a Master of Kung Fu #39 full cover,splash pg,& 1st few pgs plus ads on a cigar box. This whole issue,every panel is on four cigar boxes,made color copies of two pages. SOLD to my good friend Chachi in San Francisco

#488 is box two of 4 boxes to complete this story & is on the same cigar box as #487 & is Sold in SF to Delos

#489 is box 3 of 4 continuing the story on a solid all wood cigar humidor box with pull off top,2-sided wood pieces inside that pull out along with a small bottom base square wood piece also has 2-sides plus ads.SOLD to Chachi in S.F. His second box,TY!

#490 is box 4-of 4 concluding this Master of Kung Fu #39 classic Marvel story plus ads on a all wood flat thin cigar box with hinged top and front clasp to close. Sold

#491 is an all comic ads with Race cars,model cars,& toys on a topless - missing top, all wood Cuban cigar box ( 8X8X4deep ) $20.00 made 6-13-'16  AVAILABLE

#492 is all Hulk leftovers,misc. hulk pages with extra Hulktitude on a thick paper board square cookie box ( 6x6x6 ) (actually 6.2x 6.2x6.2 if trip6 freaks ya out) but yeah beast boxish,with pull off snug top. Made 6-14-'16   Sold

#493 is a Archie Riverdale High #19,'74 full cover & partial story and ads on a Delmage personAL selection vintage cigar box (9X5X2-3/4deep) from Tampa.

finished 6-26-'16 & is MIA & may have been stolen while on display. I'm both flattered & burned out of 35 bucks,and left wondering where this box is?...

#494 is a Walt Lance New Funnies 1949 comic with full cover & partial Woody Woodpecker story on a Arturo Fuente Curly Head wood cigar box with chained top inside.  Finished 6-27-'16 Sold in SF,Ca 1-10-'17

#495 is a ...

#496 is a Strange Adventures #97,1958 "The time Machine" story plus a Tootsy roll ad on a small wood cigar box with hinged top & front clasp to close. Made in Vermont while at the 45 th annual national Rainbow Gathering. & Sold to my friend Peter while we were in North Dakota. #NODAPL

#497 is a Action Comics #421 part story & ads box 2 from this issue on a Arturo Fuente Curly Head cigar box.with chain inside top $30.00

#498 is from the upcoming New Batman titles with cover art and ads from a recent Diamond  Previews order book on a medium sized solid wood cigar box that already had Batman type art & logo designs inside & outside with 2-piece pinned top.  Sold

#499 is from a coverless copy of Marvels Warlock#10,1975 with splash page & partial story on a all wood Excalibur cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close. Sold

#500 !! Is from The Spirit #6,'74 magazine reprinting 1940s stories on a very large top loading Bongs Away case with a screw hinged top,front clasp,lock with 2- keys ,top carry handle,& inside is a separate pull out frame to hold a round item of your choice firmly in center of this ex-oxygen tank case. This has a full color cover, "Glob" a 7- page color complete story on the outside with some ads on top & bottom,plus a black and white complete story inside with more ads. SOLD to Ken in SF,Ca,Thank You!

#501 is all comic Ads with Daisy Guns & other Air/BB rifles in a western style on a Winchester retro box with etched center design I put hinges on back.  Pre- sold to my pal Fritz in Viroqua,Wi

#502 is a little Lotta on a small square cigar box w/slide off top  SOLD

#503 is Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis #17,1954 coverless copy w/splash page & partial story on a Aged 10 years wood cigar box w/hinged top,inside 4-side panels pull out for more art & story Sold

#504 is Undersea Agent #6,1967 "Doomsday in the Depths" a coverless copy w/splash page on top & partial story on a Macanudo,Inspirado cigar box.Sold to Patty who bought 8 boxes in SF,Ca. TY so much!

#505 is a Captain America #238,1979  "Beware the Hawk Riders!" Full cover ,splash pg,& partial story on a square Curly Head cigar box with a chain added to inside top. Sold

#506 is box 3- from Tales of the Unexpected #22,1958 "Invasion of the Volcano Men" the complete 6 page story plus an ad on a Macanudo Hampton Cafe cigar box w/chain add to inside top. 3rd & final box from this issue.Sold

#507 is Archie At Riverdale High #34,1976 Full cover & partial story & Ads on a large Don Thomas Classico cigar box with chain added to inside top. This is to replace the Riverdale high box that was stolen while on display in a craft market. The story here involves crooks,items stolen by an amazing quirk of happenstance.Sold

#508 is all bikes,comic ads various years plus bordered with other ads on a Arturo Fuente Large flat cigar box with chain added inside to top. Sold to Eric my friend,while we were in N.Dakota. He took it to Wisconsin.

#509 is a Marvel Two in One #8 with the Thing & Ghost Rider in "Silent night,Deadly night" cover Only plus ads on a all wood small,solid cigar box w/slide off top finished 9/11/'16 Sold

#510 is a Complete EC Joe Orlando 6-page short story "The Fossil" from weird Science #23,1953 on a vintage Corina Larks wood cigar box '35-'50 w/hinged top & front closing clasp. Logo lettering on top is detailed.sold to Karen in San Francisco

#511 is from Tomahawk Comics #19,'53 "The Lafayette volunteers" box 1 of 2 boxes with this complete story. This first part is on this solid thick wood cigar box with a pinned top,includes splash page w/detailed logo lettering,comic character tatoo ad,& chain added inside top for extra support. sold

#512 is Tomahawk #19 box 2 of 2 completing the story on a small oblong cigar box Sold in SF

#513 is a complete short story "Missing Persons" on a large A.Fuente Curly Head cigar box w/chain added inside Sold to Max my Godson in San Diego

#514 is a Captain America #238,1979 box 2-of 3 boxes to complete story all on A.Fuente Curly Head cigar boxes with chains inside top.

#515 is box 3-of 3 from Captain America#238 completing this story on another A.F. Curly Head cigar box Sold in SF,Ca to Doug

#516 is Captain Marvel Jr. "The Invisible Guest" plus Ads  & more on a Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale D.Republic cigar box $35

#517 is a Calvin & Hobbes various comic strips on a Macanudo flat solid cigar box w/added chain inside Sold to Catherine who gifted this to her Daughter Jaia in Wisconsin

#518 is Edgar Allen Poe's "Man in a crowd" box 1 of 2 boxes with this complete story adapted by Rich Margopoulos with art by Luis Bermejo This first one is on a  Macanudo Portofino cafe large cigar box with chain added to inside top.

Sold to Laurel who bought this 2-box set in SF,TY so much!

#519 is box 2 of EAPoe's "Man of the crowd" also sold to Laurel in SF

#520 is "Bayou Witch" Art by Gray Morrow A 5 page complete story on a Arturo Fuente Curly Head cigar box Sold to Sarka who may send it to Spain

#521 is a Green Arrow in "The case of the runaway shoebox" a 7 page complete story on a Large Cohiba cigar box made on request,and Xsold to Olga in SF

#522 Star Wars #44 pin up pages plus comic ads on a medium size cigar box sold day one to my good friend Ray in SF who was one of my first comic shop customers when he was a much younger lad in the Mission of SF.Thank You Ray,you R the Man!

#523 Star Wars #44 Empire Strikes Back box 3 of 4 boxes from this classic Marvel comic on a solid cigar box with ST comic ads sold right away to another former als comics customer Michael who also bought box 524 and lives in SF.

#524 Star Wars #44 box 4- from this issue on a solid screw hinged cigar box sold to Michael in SF

#525 is Peter Parker Spiderman #26,1979 full cv and part story on a wood cigar box with pinned top. Box 1 of 3

Sold to Trent who lives in Denver

#526 PP,Spiderman #26 box 2 of 3 on a tall wood cigar box with hinged top and front clasp to close.Sold

#527 PP,Spiderman #26 box 3 of 3 on a large wood Cohiba cigar box with hinged top and front clasp to close.Conclusion to story plus ads.Sold to Isabell in SF

#528 is from Deathlok #36,'76 "What to do after the Apocalypse" on a lift top wood cigar box partial story. Sold to Josh in SF who will gift this to...

#529 is a World's Finest #168,1967 "The Return of the Composite Superman"  Full cover & part story on a Romeo y Julieta cigar box w/ads & chain inside to top. Sold to Josh in SF who will gift this to...

#530 is box 2 of 3 boxes from W.Finest started in B529 on a La Gloria Cubana Esteli seri R Nicaragua pyramid shaped wood cigar box w/ slide off top.  Sold

#531 is a Uncle Scrooge #94,'71 "Planetary Postman" part 1 on a Padron 2000  $40 Available

#532 is a Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica#34,1958 2-partial stories on a solid wood Acid Bath cigar box Sold to Josh And Nicole in SF,they also bought a Cap. America box. TY,folks!

#533 is a Tom Sawyer Sheet music on a Arturo Fuente,Curly Head cigar box,with chain added inside,made on request for my pal Russell in SF

#534 is box 1-of 2 w/ Superman's girl friend Lois Lane in "The last days of L.Lane" on a cigar box which had a chain already installed inside,First one I've seen.I usually will put a chain inside to support inside top. Sold

#535 is "The last days of Lois Lane" w/Superman box 2 of 2 boxes on a small wood box with compartments,chain inside. Sold to Grant in SF

#536 Box 3of 3 World's Finest #168 conclusion of story on a very solid thick wood cigar box  Sold

#537 is "Little Dot meets Aunt Trim" w/ads & more on a small Burlywood Red Rojo cigar box Sold

#538 is a from Amazing Spider-man #191,1979 Full cover,splash page,part story on a heavy wood cigar box w/ screw hinged top,front clasp to close,w/chain added inside a double walled humidor. Box 1 of 3 boxes with the complete story. Sold

#539 is another one from A.S.#191 box 2of 3 on a solid thick pine wood Blood Oath Whiskey box with slide to open top. Sold

#540 is box 3 of 3 from A.S.#191 ,the conclusion plus ads on a small La Flor Dominicana double L'gero lift top sold to Sonny in S.F.,Ca

#541 is from Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica on a solid wood cigar box Sold to Janova in SF who gifted this to her Mom.

#542 is a Superman story from Action comics

#543 is a Looney Tunes story "Little Poncho Vanilla" on a Alex Bradley Tempus cigar box sold to David in SF who gifted this to his GF Jeannie in Oakland

#544 is a Green Arrow short 7-page story on a large Christobal cigar box. Sold to Patty in SF

#545 is a Sylvester & Tweety short story on a small cigar box Sold to Giles who took it home to Scotland

#546 is a 1971 Romance short story on a large ( 14x8x1-1/2deep) Gurkha cigar box w/magnetic front flap to close. Sold to Jackson who is a artist in SF. He picked up 2boxes! TY!

#547 is from Archie's Jokebook #153,'79 on a Montecristo Toro W/chain Sold

#548 is a Patunia Pig/Elmer Fudd small cigar box. Sold

#549 is a Congorilla & Janu short story on a R&J Belicoso cigar box w/chain to top inside. sold to Joseph in SF,Ca

#550 is a Superman story (box 2 of 2) on a completely covered large square JFR Maduro cigar box with slide off top.Sold


#551 is a 3-page Thor story,the conclusion plus ads on a small Montecristo Rotheschild cigar box with chain added inside to top. Sold to Pam,who will gift this to Matt in New York

#552 is a Giant Sized Lois Lane part of a short story plus Super Friends ads & more on a Montecristo,Toro cigar box with added chain inside Sold to Pam in SF who will gift this to Bonnie in Mill Valley,Ca

#553 is a Little Dot,Little Lotta Harvey comics & Ads on a small R&J Hyde Pk Cafe cigar box w/chain $30 AVILABLE

#554 is from True Comics #29,1943 w/true facts from that year about Peru on a Belicoso R&J cigar box w/chain added inside $40 AVAILABLE

##555 is from Superman 's Pal Jimmy Olsen #89,1965 on a large Montecristo,Toro w/chain Sold to Jackson in SF

#556 is a Korak Son of Tarzan #29,'69 on a Punch large cigar box Sold to Mark in SF,Ca

#557 is from DCSuper Sports with "The Little Racer" on a Churchill el turbos medium sized cigar box which Patty in SF bought for Tim in Indiana

#558 is a Richie Rich story "The Wrong Wrangler"from Little Dot #122,'69 5-page part 1 on a Montecristo Toro cigar box $40-AVAILABLE

#559 is a Archie Riverdale High #39,'76 full .30 cent cv on a small R&J cigar box with chain inside for top support.    $30 AVAILABLE

#560 is a X the man with the X-Ray eyes (movie) full cv.part story on a Montecristo Toro cigar box Sold to Tod & Connie in SF

#561 is a short story from a giant sized Lois Lane unknown number,on a cigar box Sold

#562 is a Nancy & Sluggo story w/full cover on a cigar box Sold to Michael in SF,Ca

#563 is a Deathlock story from Astonishing Tales #36,'76 in "Confessions of a demolished man" full cover ,splash pg,& first part of story on  Partagas Aristocrat w/chain added inside. Sold to Casey in SF,Ca

#564 is a Action Comics #233 reprint from Superman #187,'66 on a large Cohiba Cuban cigar box w/chain added inside ,front clasp to close. SOLD to Patty in SF

#565 is a Jack Kirby Cap.America & the Falcon story conclusion on a large Cohiba Cuban cigar box w/added chain inside top.front clasp to close $50 AVAILABLE

#566 is a Jimmy Olsen short story on a large Cohiba wood,hinged top with chain eye screwed to inside. Sold in SF to Patty

#567 is a Tweety & Sylvester #51,1975 "Play Ball!" Short story on a My Father cigars box with hinged top,front clasp closure. $40 AVAILABLE

#568 is a Action Comics Supergirl splash page & partial back up story on a small Partagas Black label cigar box w/chain inside top. Sold to Tim in SF,Ca

#569 is Action comics Supergirl story box 2 of 2 conclusion & ads on a small Montecristo cigar box w/chain inside top. Sold to Patty in SF

#570 is Dinky short stories from Mighty Mouse on a tiny Cohiba W/hinged top,front clasp. Sold to Patty in SF who picked up 8 boxes to gift to friends & family. TY!:)

#571 is Batman #444 "Criminal and Punishment" full cover,splash pg & beginning of story. Box 1 of 4 to complete full comic,every panel cut and placed in order from left to right inside & outside on a Romeo Julieta 27 Belicoso cigar box w/ Chain added inside top. Available as a Four box set $150

#572 is Batman #444 box 2 of 4 continues the story from box 571 plus some ads on a Romeo Y Julieta Glass Tubes cigar box w/chain added to inside top sold as 4-box set.

#573 is Batman #444 box 3 of 4 continuing the story from box 572 plus Ads on a Cohiba Robusto wood cigar box with hinged top,front clasp closure & chain added to inside top.sold as set.

#574 is Batman #444 box 4 of 4 concluding the story from box 573 that began in 571 plus ads from this issue on a large Punch cigar box with added chain inside to top. Set of 4-boxes $150

#575 ALien Love series of original art of Kizzorro begins with this box (one of twenty -five ) a Cohiba red dot cigar box $50.00

#576 ALien Love box two of 25 on a Drew Estate Elixir cigar box w/3 piece pinned top plus a small open top screen box fits inside. SOLD to Rhio in Beverly Hills

#577 ALien Love Three of 25 on a Cuban Rejects cigar box $50.00

#578 ALien Love Four of 25 on a Upman square cigar box $40.00

#579 ALien Love Five of 25 on a medium sized cigar box $50.00

#580 ALien Love Six of 25 on a Large Punch cigar box $50.00

#581 ALien Love Seven of 25 on a oblong Monte Christo cigar box $50.00

#582 ALien Love Eight on a small cigar box $35.00

#583 ALien Love Nine on a Small oblong Macanudo cigar box. $35

#584 ALien Love Ten on a large Romeo Y Julieta Toro Glass Tubes wood cigar box hinged top w/2-clasp snap to close tabs plus chain inside $80.00

#585 ALien Love Eleven on a micro sized Fonseca Matasa Cigar box w/front clasp to close hinged top. SOLD (traded for a bike!) to Stanton West a Fine musician living in Wisconsin.

#586 ALien Love Twelve on a Rocky Patel Perfecto solid oblong shaped cigar box wInside chain for top support.$40.00

#587 ALien Love Thirteen on a large square Cuban Reject Torpedo cigar box.$50

#588 ALien Love Fourteen on a Large Quesada  Tributo with rounded corners,edges $80.00

#589 ALien Love Fifteen On a solid thick Quesada Tributo cigar box white w/roundedsides,corners hinged top. $75

#590 ALien Love Sixteen on a large Don Thomas Sun Grown Cigar box,added chain inside top. $50.00

#591 ALien Love Seventeen on a small Don Thomas Cameroon Perfecto oblong shaped cigar box added vintage comic book ads inside $35

#592 ALien Love series Eighteen of 25 with Kizzorro art continues on a Olivia Serie O double front clasp,hinged top,chained inside top.$50

#593 ALien Love Nineteen on a Cuban Reject square Torpedo cigar box $50

#594 ALien Love Twenty on a Java Corona mint cigar box $45

#595 ALien Love Twenty-One on a Undercrown Drew Estate Rebirth oblong cigar box $45

#596 ALien Love Twenty-Two is a metal card file box oblong &tall w/hinged top.$40

#597 ALien Love Twenty-Three

#598 ALien Love Twenty-Four

#599 last in this series of 25 ALien Love boxes with Art by Kizzorro is on