Here are some sample boxes:

1-Coronacion Dark Sumatra (8-1/2 X 11X 2 deep) weight-1lb 2 oz -has cigar rack glued to inside bottom
Honduras all wood w/hinged top w/front clasp to close

1-Quattro small batch Aging Room F55 Dominican Republic  all-wood Weight 14 oz ( 8-1/2 X 9 X 2deep ) w/slide off top

1-Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Dominican Republic square ( 7 X 6 X 3 deep ) Weight 9 oz all wood whinged top & front clasp to close

1-Arturo Fuente Short Story Dominican Republic off-square (back-7/front-8 X 5 X 3 deep) Weight 10 oz- all wood w/hinged top & front clasp to close

1-El Baton Double Toro Nicaragua all wood w/hinged top & front clasp to close (9-1/4 X 7 X 3deep) Weight 1lb 1 oz

1- Jamie Garcia Super Gordo all wood ( 8 X 7 X 3-1/2 deep ) Weight 1lb 1 oz w/hinged top inside extra sides pull out for more panels/art

1- Baccarat Churchill Honduras ( 8 X 4-1/2 X 4-deep) Weight 10 oz all wood w/hinged top & front clasp to close

1- My Father Cigar Le Bijou 1922Torpedo Box( 10-3/4 X 7-1/4 X 2-1/4 deep ) Weight 1lb 7 oz w/hinged top inside extra sides pull out for more panels/art & front clasp to close all wood Beveled edges painted white

1- My Father Cigar Le Bijou 1922Torpedo Box( 10-1/4 X 6-1/4 X 2-1/4 deep ) Weight 1lb 7 oz w/hinged top inside extra sides pull out for more panels

1-Gran Habano Honduras (7 X 5-3/4 X 4-1/4 deep) weight 10 oz w/hinged top

1-Avo Heritage Avo Uvezian Dominican Republic (8 X 7-1/2 X 2 deep) weight-8oz  2-piece top 4-hinges folds together @ center of box

1-Montecristo Dominican Republic ( 9X 8-1/2 X 2 deep )weight 15 oz w/wood basic paper enforced top square wide-good for mag. size


1-Arturo Fuente Dominican Republic( 9-1/2 X 7-1/2 X 2 deep)w/wood basic paper enforced top square wide-good for mag. size

Also available:
& 2-more basic square cigar boxes medium sized w/paper hinged tops

Also maybe Available @ the Cigar Stop in Seattle-check w/them.

#114 is Tales of Suspense #65,1965 Ironman on a large wood cigar box w/hinged top

#122 is Spider-Man #226 ,1981 with the Black Cat Box #2 of 3 boxes made from this classic comic book on a wood cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close



Unavailable/SOLD BOXES:



#1 BUGS BUNNY/Elmer Fud unknown # with Bob Marley pencil sketch on top art by AK small 2-piece Round paper Box/ Taped-May 28th 2013-- Yes,i kept this one.

#2-Mary Jane & Sniffles/Merrie Melody's unknown number ( had cut missing pages ) on Round paper 2-piece box/Taped


#3-Tweety & Sylvester Unknown #,(had missing Pgs ) Round Paper 2-piece box taped 

#4 sold fast & don't have pics...Who has this one & can u send me Pics-Please???

# 5- House of Mystery#178   Round/ paper
2-(top & box )piece box/ taped /6/30/'13

#6 was the smallest paper box i've made with a heart shape and had True Comics story about a Horse with taped panels 
Sold in San Diego


#8 Senorita Scorpion/Action Stories & western Comics unknown # 2-piece Round paper box/ Taped 6/19/2013 & belongs to Mark Petrich i have to send this or deliver it to San Diego-Soon

#9 Giant Sized Super Heroes Spider-man #1,1974 Front cover & panels on a round paper box w/loose top
Box 1 of 2 boxes from this Spider-man/Morpheus/Dracula cross-over of Excellence
Sold & Lives in Az. with my beautiful friends Amanda & Shaikh

#10-Giant Size Super Heroes Spider-Man #1 is Part 2 of 2 Stashit! boxes from this 1-comic. This has Morbius interior panels on top a Round 2-piece Paper taped Box and is slightly smaller than the Part 1 stashit! box

#11 Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman as Uncle Sam Cover #126 from 1969 had missing pages inside and damaged so i taped it to a round 2-piece paper box
Sold & in Southern thinks?

#12 Tales to Astonish #88 Sub-Mariner / Hulk ( Had cut & missing pages inside) Taped to round 2-piece paper box 7-9-2013 1 of 2 Stashit! boxes built from this comic-sold


#14-Hulk/Boomerang/Tales to Astonish#88 2nd story-Round 2-piece taped paper box-inside page panels
Made 2-boxes from this comic 

#15-Super Powers Gift Wrapping Paper on Round paper box/taped
2-piece small

#16 Jungle Jim from Dell Comics taped to a flat Cigar box with fold out inside panel
of Cigar Box-Sold & is in LA

#17 Hot Rod Cartoons  Magazine from 1973  Taped to a flat Cigar box- 7/19/2013-Sold

#18 Micky Mouse Dell on a cigar box- gifted to a Household in Beverley Hills but now missing!

#19 Hot Rod Comics and Racing Cars from Charlton Comics  taped to a Flat Cigar Box-sold in San Diego

#20-Bugs Bunny Summer Special 1952 Added Art by Amanda Woelfle ( had cut cv. & missing pages ) on Hard Paper cigar flat box / taped-7/25/'13

#21 the mighty Thor in Marvel Spectacular #8 Kirby Art (had burned edges & cv.) on Flat paper Cigar Box,Mod Podge
Gifted to Nate in San Francisco from Alpal-Thank You for more than Everything,my friend!

#22-Walt Disney's comics & Stories# Donald Duck/Knights of the Flying Sled  ( missing Cover) on Hard paper cigar flat box / taped- Not decoupaged-7/30/'13
SOLD to Amy who will send this to 5 year old  Lukas in Whitefish, Wisconsin.

#23-LASSIE # unknown ( had cut missing pages ) on hard paper cigar flat box/taped -7/31/'13
Sold to Rose in SF

#24-Vintage Comic Advertisements/Wonder Woman Fun to Eat Healthy- Top/Marvel Model Kits AD- bottom on hard paper flat cigar box/ Taped 

#25-Monster Wind Up Walkers box wrapper w/Godzilla,King Kong, the Creature plus art from Jack Davis card Series "You Slay Me" taped on a wood box made in Cold Water Canyon in Beverley Hills,Ca.
Sold & lives near LA

#26-All-Star Western/Strong Bow/Botalye- DC Comics      (had cv. cut & missing pages) taped to hard Paper Flat Cigar box
Sold to Nita in Seattle


#28  - Angel & the Ape #1. 1968 ( had cut missing pages ) on Wood Box / Modpodged 

#29 Amazing Spiderman #46 from 1967 Wood Box

#30 THOR #134 on a WOOD BOX

#31-The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves #22. 1970 "The Cure" Charlton Comics ( had missing center pages ) on Wood Box ( 5-1/2 X 9-3/4 X 5-1/4 deep) decoupaged with Mod Podge

Traded for more Cigar boxes!

# 32 New Gods # 1    Wood Box

# 33 Wonder Woman #    Wood Cigar Box mod podge

#34-BATMAN #149.1962 ( had cut,missing pages inside)wood cigar Box/modpodged 

# 35 Classics Illustrated #12 Rip Van Wrinkle -on a small solid Wood Cigar box w/hinged top & front clasp to close. Sold & is near Mt.View,Ca

#36-Monster Times #40.1970 B/W Magazine Was soiled & Stained- Art/Photos newsprint on Wood Box/Mod-podged 1/14/'14

#37-Henry #22.1948 Dell Comic(Was missing center pages) on Wood Box(5-1/2 X 9-3/4 X 5-1/4 deep) decoupaged with Mod Podge 

#38- Planet of the Vampires#1 #2 #3 covers only Atlas Comics 1975 Broderick & Adams on Arturo Fuente Wood Cigar Box Mod Podge
Sold in Mt. View,Ca

#39-Tales To Astonish #69 Giant-Man/Hulk Marvel 1965 (had cut-out panels inside comic) on a Romeo Y Julieta Wood Cigar Box Mod Podge -N/A

#40 was Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5-1968-which had no cover (sob,love that cv.!)and missing pages inside is on a large Wood 60 count Cigar box-SOLD on Valencia St.,S.F.

#41 Roy Rogers #54 from 1952-SOLD

#42 looney Tunes #197 from 1958 SOLD

#43 was Action Comics# on a very large wood cigar box w/hinged top,front side pulls down,w/front clasp
Sold in S.F.

#44 Little Dot #144  from 1972 on a small wood cigar box with 7 extra removable side panels on inside Dots Fun
SOLD to Jeff in S.F.

#45 Harlem Globetrotters #7 from 1973 Gold key comics on a Wood Cigar Box- SOLD

#46 GI Combat #143 Haunted Tank from Sept.1970/DC on a Wood Cigar box (7-1/2 X 9-3/4 X 2-deep )
SOLD! & now lives in the U.K.,London


#47 Zane Grey's Stories from the West #34 "30,000 on the Hoof" Dell 1957 on a cigar box--will be given to a Great pal Mark Petrich in San Diego.

#48 Bull Winkle & Rocky #2 from 1962 on a wood cigar box
SOLD to Jeff in S.F. ( who owns 3-of my boxes!!!),Thank You very much my friend!

#49 Incredible Hulk #127 from 1970 on a wood cigar box-
$30.00 SOLD

#50 Classics Illustrated #24 Mark Twain's "A Connecticut in King Arthur's Court" on a Cigar Box