Poetry Books A To Z (all in SC wraps)


A BREVIARY IN TIME OF WAR by Mary Norbert Korte
$20.00 1970 500 Printed Cranium Press SF

Apotheosis of Olde Towne by Hugh Fox
Fat Frog Press 1968 in VGt Has light stain to back cv and rust on staples(not effecting sc wrap)

Around Some Corner by Anne Fessenden
Thing Press 1966 in VG w/ slight cv spotting 7 rust @ staples

Art of Love (Vatsyayana's)The second book of Kama Sutra
$12.00 medical Press of NY 1962 Fine b/w sc w/slight yellowing to spine

A World Awash With Fascism & Fear by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
$40.00 1971 in Fine /1-piece folds out to small poster size

Birth Vision and Green Song by George Dowden
Five poets Press 300 printed in 1967 white pages and good staples but warped curve to copy

Bone Planet by Louis Hammer
Kayak 1967 Rust on staples w/stained cv 9-full color Art pgs w/Poetry

The Buddha Uproar by John Tagliabue
Kayak Press no year given but around '68-(10) Illustrations by Jacqueline Mcfarland
in Very Fine w/slight rust to staples 1000 copies printed

The Burning Bush vol 2 Collection of poetry by Ginsberg,Kaufman,Horwitz,Meyerzove,& more
$25.00 San Francisco State & Hillel Foundations 1964 in near fine w/slight spotting to cv
The Burning Bush Vol 3 Collection of poetry by Al Young,Berge,Weiss,Meyerzove,& more
$15.00 S.F.State & Hillel Foundations 1965 in Near fine w/very little wear to cv,Flat w/ sharp corners

Caterpillar 5 by Various 1968
$25.00 154 pg Digest

Change of Address & Other Poems by Kathleen Fraser
kayak &  Bindweed Press 1966 in VGt has light spotting to cv/ 500 copy print run /Art & Poetry

Collage' by Gregory,Turney,Walker & Walsh
unknown pub. or year in near fine w/very slight age wear/Plastic binder spine,card stock cv/Art,Photos & Poetry

Comrades All ,Poems for the people by Bartlett Adamson
Current Book Distributors ,Sydney 1945 in Near Fine w/slight browning to cv

Contemporary Fiction vol 1 #2/Various Authors collected
$20.00 Contemporary Publications
1959 in VGt spotting & w/pencil mark to cv

Coyote's Journal # 9 by Ginsberg,& various
$45.00 Book People Pub. 1971 in Fine,flat ,clean,tight corners w/very little age to book 112 pgs

The Dangerous Flower by Clifford Burke
The Magdalene syndrome 1967 in Near Fine

This Day by John
Double-H Press 1967 2nd print in Fine w/string sewn spine

Bill Deemer Poems
The Auerhahn Press pamphlet series #3 from 1964 in Very Fine w/very little age to book

Felix of the Silent Forest by David Henderson
the Poets Press 1967 in Very Fine clean flat copy w/white pages 2000 printed

For the late Major Horace Bell of the Los Angeles Rangers by RonniePrimack
$35.00 White Rabbit SF 1963 in VGt w/slight soil to cv,bumped corners Art & Poetry

Footsteps in the Attic
by Stanley McNail
Galley Sail Pub. 1958
10 pages 
In Very Fine Condition but has rust to staples

Freedom School Poetry
$50.00 Student nonviolent Coordinating Committee
1966 Has previous owners(11 year old) name top left corner & rust @ staples otherwise a very clean flat copy 47 pgs

Freedom's in Sight by Alta
$40.00 aldebaran review 1st print Jan.1969
Very Fine Poems,Collages,Drawings 26 pgs in blue print

Gordon Black: The Universe Machine
Signed inside :To Alan Ginsberg my Appreciation,Gordon Black
1967 ( 11 X 8 ) 26 pages Excellent condition

Haravec 5 Various -30-Poets
a bilingual magazine from Peru 1968  in Fine 71 pgs Digest

The Heirs Vol 1 #1 by Peschiera,Gabac,Sister Mary Norbert & more
Garcia Litho 1968 in Very Fine Has only slight scuffing & light corner bumping to a clean flat
1st print Art & Poetry

Heirs Vol 1 #2  Spring 1968
14 poets in very good condition

H.R.Hays Poems 1933-67
Kayak 1968 in very Fine Poetry w/Drawings 80 pgs

I call to you across the Continent   Poems and songs by Edith Segal
$40.00 a People's Artists Publication 1953 in Near Fine has slight edge wear  1st print 23 pgs

The Importance of Swimming & other poems by Larry Freifeld
Something Else Press 1968 1st print in Near Fine Has minor rust to staples w/light soiling to sc wraps 14 pgs peter young Cv. Concrete poetry

Insight vol 4 A magazine of Contemporary Expression
$18.00 unknown Publisher/year(1970?) in vg rusty staples & quarter size corner chip bc

I was There   by Robert Nelson Moore Jr.
$30.00 Open Skull Press 1968 print run of 250 1st print in very Fine w/slight pinch to spine

The Ladder by David Schaff
Dariel Press SF 1967 500 Printed In VG W/rust @ staples otherwise VF

The Last Resuscitator
Coulson's of Cambridge 1969 in vG w/slight soiling to white & black sc Wraps & minor rust to staples 47 pgs

The Little Square Review#4  twenty poems by Barry Spacks
$15.00 Bill Horton's Sun Press1967 in near fine w/slight corner bumps poems w/few drawings 28pgs

Lovebeast & other incarnations  by Stephen Levine's Words& Felipe Ehrenberg's Art
$30.00 Unity Press Sausalito,Ca. 1968 in Very Fine 1968 #0530 stamped inside last page /sc Blue Wraps digest format
Has a 4 page pull out Art mini poster in color still attached

Manifestos Book #8
A Great Bear pamphlet in Very Fine w/slight pinch to spine 16 contributors

Max Rafferty by Paul Cummins
Hogarth Press 1968 in VGt w/slight rust @ staples 32 pgs

MEDITATION a cycle of Eleven Poems by Morton Grinker
$25.00 Fine 1966 Art by Laurie Sarlat

Men,Women,Vines by Thomas Parkinson
Ark Press 1959 in fine slight bottom right corner bump 60 pgs

mules balk by d alexander
$20.00 matter Books pub. by Kelly Annadale-on-Hudson NY
1967 in very fine 25 pg
Obscuro Inside

Obscurologist Papers 2
1967 # 85 of 100 printed as stated back page
Madison,Wisconsin,N.A. ( 7 X 8 )





Poetry Northwest
Vol 13 # 4 '72/'73
( 5 1/2 X 8 ) 47 page Digest

Pope Art by August Plinth
Black Sun Press 2nd print 1971in VGt w/rust @ bottom staple 47 pgs

The Quire vol 2 a gathering of twenty
$15.00 unknown pub/or year(1970?) in VG lightly soiled cv w/rust to staples 34 pgs

Return to Earth by Sharon Asselin
Ghostdancepress 1969 in fine has light fade to top of cv 16 pgs Intro by Hugh Fox

Roditi Prose Poems by Edouard Roditi & 4 Drawings by Modesto Rolda'n
$25.00 Kayak 1968 in Fine 800 copy print run 40 pgs The 4-Art pgs are loose inside


Seven Love Poems from the Middle Latin Translated by Diane di Prima
The poets press 1965 1st print in very Fine has light fade to sc wraps

Shaman Songs by Gene Fowler
Dustbook 1967 in Good has rust @ staples and stained cv Drawings & Poems 16 pgs

So Many Rooms by Jory Sherman
$40.00 Galley sale pub.S.F.
Signed by Author "to Lee(Meyerzove)with many good Wishes"inside Cover
In Very Fine Excellent Condition 30 pgs

So many rooms has a house but one roof by Margaret Randall
New Rivers Press 1968 in Very Fine 12 pgs

Talon vol2 #4 by Various
Landie Offset Ltd. Canada 1965 in Fine 24 pgs

Time Raid by Charles Upton
$10.00 Four Seasons Foundation 1969 in Good stained @ spine 30 pages

To the Mainline Heart by Clive Matson
1966 1st edition Poets Press white pages inside Excellent condition

Transfer various Writers & Artists
Associated Student press San Francisco State College
This series of books gave many young Artists & Writers their first printed works including Anne Rice

Vol #1 1956
$100.00 in VG
Has minor soil to cv & light rust @ staples  38 pgs plus Art pgs/ one is signed D.R.Beall '56 in pencil >In this vol:Ernest J.Gaines,Donald Crowe,Don Cunningham,Robert Peterson,Casy Van Duren,W/Cartoon by Leonard Gardner,Signed Color art by D.R.Beall and more.includes a 1957 (3/21/'57) municipal Railway of S.F. Transfer
Vol # 2 1957
$50.00 in VG
w/light edge wear & rust @ staples this vol has 25 contributors Art and Poems 46 pgs
Vol #3 $40.00 1957 in Very Fine Bright colored wraps /white 54 pages inside 14 contributors
Vol # 4 $50.00 1958 in Very Fine This consists of three booklets all in Excellent Condition contained in a sleeve includes a pull out Color Poster (21 X 17) over 18 contributors

Vol # 5 S/O

Vol # 6 $35.00 1958 in very fine
w/slight rubbing to wraps 23 contributors  49 pgs
Vol # 7 $30.00 1958 in Vg
w/light soiling to cv & slight rust to staples 13 contributors 51 pgs
Vol #8 $25.00 1960 in VG
w/ rust @ staples 18 contributors
Vol #10 $30.00 1960 in VG
w/rust @ staples 23 contributors 52 pgs
Vol #14 $30.00 1962 in VG w/rust @ staples 24 contributors  56 pgs
Vol #18 $50.00 1964 in vgt w/minor soiling to cv and slight rust to staples inscribed & Signed by Leland Meyerzove inside front cv 50 pgs over 30 contributors to this vol
Vol # 20 $20.00 1965 in vgt slight cv damage,creases 72 pgs 25 contributors

The Universe Machine by Gordon Black
Signed~To :Allen Ginsberg My Appreciation/Gordon Black
1967 Mag.Size self Pub.-see pictures under Gordon Black

Vasko Popa Selected Poems 
Pocketbook 1969 Penguin Modern European Poets

Voyages by Robin Magowan
Kayak Press unknown year in Very Fine Drawings and Poems 500 Printed

Whimsies by Clarence Jonk
$25.00 Sebastopol Times Print Signed
in VG ex-bookstore sticker on cv 45 pgs

Why i live on the Mountain translated by C.H.Kwock & Vincent Mchugh
Golden Mountain Press  1958 in VGt  30 Chinese Poems from the Great Dynasties

YVan Goll Poems
Kayak Press 1968 in Very Fine 80 pgs Drawings and Poetry 1200 printed

ZEN and other Poems by Mike Walker
unknown pub./year  Handmade 6 staples in VG in blue wraps 10 pgs