Pamphlets,Digests and Booklets pre-1975

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
1935 - 8th annual report 28 pg Pamphlet

H.P.Lovecraft History of the Necronomicon
1998 8th print 12 page booklet
$10.00  Fine condition  has corner bump top left

If this be Treason by Richard O.Boyer
New Century pub. 1948 in very fine w/browning to bc

Joseph Smith Tells his own story
24 page pamphlet of early Mormon History

The Marginal Way by Donald J.Goodwin and Art by Marguerite Goodwin
Signed by both $20.00 1966 Star Press 46 pgs two samples glued to inside pages of flowers
Eastern Coastal Guide of Natural History    soiled sc

Pilot Rules For certain inland waters of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and of coast of Mexico
$20.00 1917 Dept. of Commerce sc Pamphlet

Plain Language Money-Making by Sidney Walton 
Books#2-thru#7 1958      90 pgs each-approx.
#2 How to Legally Avoid Paying Taxes
#3 How to get Twice as much Bank Interest
#4 How to Scheme Your Way to Profit While others go Broke
#5 How To Keep From Being Cheated
#6 How to Make a Killing in Real Estate
#7 Secrets of Speculation
$30.00 SET Only Price

"The Save the Country" Racket by John L. Spivak
$12.00 1948
Digest 63 Pgs

Studies for A Novel (experience) by John Ogden Milligan
$18.00 400 print run 1967 Daishe Bisghwaldo Press 18 pgs sc

Verdict Against Freedom by Joseph North
$9.00 23 pg sc pamphlet